Brand Story

With more than 20 years vegan food experience, Jack, our brand founder still wants to do more to land and health. He has been thinking about something related to the above elements. ‘’Grain’’, this tiny thing of nutrition & simpleness from nature popped up in mind. Combined different kind of grains by using our expert extrusion technology, Grain Plus is able to bring healthy, natural products from grain than expected.

The most important, we’re proud of making grain more than just grain.
‘Nature grain, That’s what Grain plus about!

Our Partner :

Grain Plus Team

Our R&D has more than 20 years vegan food extrusion experience, continue with passion and enthusiasm to vegan industry, we participated in Industry-university cooperative research project with NTU (National Taiwan University) to develop a series of multi-grain products by using extrusion technology, then here comes ‘Grain Plus Tropical Fruit Delight’!

When it comes to quality control, our products will go through water activity control, microbe test to guarantee the level of quality to ensure your each bite is safe and healthy.